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About Jason M. Jones Who does this guy think he is?

Hi, I'm Jason M. Jones, a multi-discipline graphic artist, web and UX designer, front-end developer, and teacher with almost twenty years of professional experience and an entire lifetime of creativity.

Early Years

You could say I started my career as a kid, drawing in class (when I was supposed to be doing something far less interesting). I made posters for school dances, worked on the yearbook, and did a comic strip for the school paper.


Around my college years I spent some time pursuing theater and after some good roles in productions of The Comedy of Errors, The Foreigner, and The Lion in Winter and technical work on Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love, The Diviners, and The Heidi Chronicles, I made my way back to the visual arts.

Professional Stuff

Shortly after I decided I didn't want to wait tables or tend bar until I "made it," I began working for a group of Louisville, Kentucky radio stations. I quickly became webmaster and web designer maintaining several station's websites. In time, I designed more websites and picked up skills in animation, logos, identity, print, and UX.

These days I can be found staring at signage, advertisements, or websites, admiring and contemplating the typography, colors, and layout. I keep my knowledge of design and UX trends sharp and I share my insights with colleagues and students. I've been an adjunct graphic design and web development instructor at Sullivan College of Technology and Design since 2008.

Personal Stuff

I love monster movies, especially old ones and those with zombies. A slight claim to fame of mine involves one of my all time favorite monster movies, Night of the Living Dead. Way back in the early part of the first decade of the 21st century, I wrote movie reviews for a couple of horror themed websites. When the 40th anniversary of Night of the Living Dead rolled around and a remastered DVD was released, guess who got a quote on the back cover? Check it out!

More often even than watching monster movies, talking about superheroes, and discussing the finer points of the zombie genre, you can find me with my wonderful wife, amazing son, and our funny little cats in our home in Louisville, Kentucky. Getting him to watch monster movies is a lost cause, so I've been attempting (somewhat in vain) to get my son to listen to the Ramones with me. At least I've gotten him to listen to jazz and reggae. Miles Davis and Bob Marley may not be Joey, Johnny, Tommy, and DeeDee, but I'll take my victories where I can get them!

Graphicus Artisticus Illustratorius

An obscure title of honor bestowed upon members of an ancient order of creative thinkers and visual artists. The order, "In Quo Pencilli," is believed to have existed for centuries and was founded by Roberto DaVinci, Leonardo's wittier, better looking brother.